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A Young Women’s Empowerment Event

Ahuge Thank you to Lindsay Whalen for her time and dedication to St. Cloud Youth! We hope to have her back next year! For pictures from the event check out our Facebook Page! Rock the

Elliot’s Diagnosis

In August of 2014 my wife, Jessica, and I began to notice our one-year-old son, Elliot, becoming very moody.  I attributed this to a stage he was going through but my wife thought it was


Have you ever walked by a neighbor’s house and their dog starts barking?   You hear i“Quit! Shut up! Quiet!” and then “WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF” “Quiet,quiet,quietquiet!”? “WOOFWOOFWOOF!” etc. What is that dog trying to tell the humans in

Tics and Tourette’s: What Are They and What to Do

The manual for diagnosing mental health disorders, the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders 5) developed by the American Psychiatric Association, defines a tic as “... a sudden, rapid, nonrhythmic motor or